Journal Articles

Spring 2007 - Vol.37/No.3
Engaged Buddhism and Literature: The Art for Peace in Michael Ondaatje's Anil's Ghost
Author : Shounan Hsu
Keywords : Sarvodaya, self-awakening, all-awakening, forgiveness, indterdependence
Transnational Mobility: Reading Sofia Coppola's Lost Translation as a Tourist Romance
Author : Chen-hsiang Chiu
Keywords : tourist romance, home-versus-tracel motid, transational mobility, contact zone
Contestiong Space in Hanif Kureishi's Sammy and Rosie Get Laid
Author : Kao-chen Liao
Keywords : space, Henri Lefebvre, triad, modernity, nationalism, oppression, David Harvey, Hanif Kureishi, subculture
Three Kinds of Neighbor, Three Kinds of Violence: Woman and/as the Other in Kathy Acker
Author : Jun-nan Chou
Keywords : neighbors, the Other, violence, woman, modernity, Benjamin, Baudelaire
Death as the Other in Don DeLillo's White Noise: From the Sensibly Immediate to the Technologically Mediated
Author : Chi-ming Chang
Keywords : death, the Other, the body, ethics Don DeLillo, Levinas
Women and Boundary Crossing:Foreign Brides in Shakespeare's History Plays
Author : Cheang Wai Fong
Keywords : Shakespeare, history plays, women, boundary crossing, foreign bride