Journal Articles

Winter 2004 - Vol.35/No.2
Identity in Chinese Literature of the Twentieth Centuray: Its Margins and Diaspora
Author : Milan V. Dimic
Keywords :
The Dandy and the Woman: Liu Na'oub and Neo-Sensationism
Author : Peng Hsiao-yen
Keywords : The Dandy, Neo-Sensationsim, cosmopolitanism, flaneur
Colonization and Cultural Space in Wu Chuo-Liu's The Orphan in Asia
Author : I-chun Wang
Keywords : cultural identiry, cultural space, colonized space, assimilation, exclusion policy
Zhang Wei and the Soul of Rural China
Author : Terence C. Russell
Keywords : Zhang Wei, nativism, rural China, landscape, Daoism, mysticism, naturalism, literary creation, Heidegger, September Fable
Geofraphical Space and Cultural Identisy: Self int eh Age of Globalization
Author : Terry Siu-hap Yip
Keywords : dislocaiton, globalization, identiry formaitoln, location, modernization, self, space, subgectivity, technology.
Voiceing Identiry Confusion in Contemporary Hong Kong Writing
Author : Kwok-kan Tam
Keywords : decolonization, home. street-scapes, floating self, urban transformation, postcolonial voice, cultural ion betweenness
Looking fir Zhu Ling: Self-Identiry in Li Yongping's Yuxue feifei
Author : TEE Kim Tong
Keywords : Li Yongping, Yuxue feifei, self-exile, cultural identity, personal identity
Gold Maountain 金山 and Maple Leaf 楓葉: Identity and Landscape in Chinese Canadian Literature
Author : Jennifer W. Jay
Keywords : Chinese-Canadian, Gold Mountain, hyvridity, identiry, immigrant, landscape
From Australia to Canada: A Comversation with Sneja Gunew
Author : Yiu-nam Leung
Keywords : multiculturalism, postcolonialism, diaspora, flexible citizenship, hybridity, transculturalism