Journal Articles

Winter 2006 - Vol.37/No.2
Editor's Note: Transational Cultural Flows
Author : Hanping Chiu
Keywords :
Disjuncture at Home: Mapping the Domestic Cartographies of Transnationalism in Gish Jen's the Love Wife
Author : Shu-ching Chen
Keywords : the suburban home, route and root, multiculturalism, Asian transationalism
Cultural Transmission and the voice of the Oterh: Crisitna Garcia's Dreaming in Cuban
Author : Shuli Chang
Keywords : Cristina Garcia, Dreaming in Cuban, Cathy Caruth, trauma theory, traumatic awakenig, transcultural literacy
Representing the Transurbanized Subject in Popular Cinema: MIB: Men in Black and Suwarouteiru(Swallowtail Butterfly))
Author : Chi-She Li
Keywords : transurbanizaiton, MIB Swallowtail Butterfly, gernre mixing, migrant, urban aciton genre, sci-fi genre, subkect, ceisis of represntation
Romantizartion Movements in Japan and China: Reforming National Language, or Universalizing "Tokens of Exchange"?
Author : Horn-luen Wang
Keywords : translingual preactice, translitteration, commensurablility, Roman script, modernity
Linguistic Flow and Subgectivity in Cross-Writting: Language Experiments in Modern Taiwan Literature
Author : Yu-lin Lee
Keywords : translingual practice, Taiwan literature, linguistic flow, linguistic nomad
"Literature Without Nation": Astudy of "Mahua Literature in Taiwan" as Transnational Literature
Author : Kim Tong TEE
Keywords : Mahua literature, MahuaLiT, TaiwanLit, Diaspora, border literature, transationality, literature whithout nation, borderlessness as bordedr
The Ring That Screws: On the Metastasis of Terror and Evil in the Age of Globalizaiton
Author : Jui-hua Tseng
Keywords : horror, gaze, ubiquitous technological mediation, cinematic apparatus, ecstasy of communicaiton, inhuman