Journal Articles

Autumn 2004 - Vol.35/No.1
Toward a Post colinial Reading of Chinese Masculinities
Author : Song Geng
Keywords : Postcolonialism, postcoloniality, masculinity, gender, yin/yang, wen/wu, Chineseness, homophibia, homosociality, homoeroticism, body/mind, Confucianism
Diasporic Chinese Masculinity: Brian Castro and Multicultural Australia
Author : Kam Louie
Keywords : diaspora, postmodern, Austalian bush, multiculturalsim, Chineseness, periphery, masculinity, center, wen-wu, Lao-tsu(Laozi), yin/yamng, Clancy
The Great(Surrogate) Mother of the West: The Genealogy of Masculinity in Yung Wing's My life in China and America
Author : Jin Feng
Keywords : Yung Wing, gender, autobiography, Chinese American, education, cultural interaction, Chinese modernity, history.
Aspriring to Be a Da Zhangfu: Masculinizaiton in the Late Imperial Chinese Literature
Author : Zuyan Zhou
Keywords : da zhangfu, qiefu zhidao, Mencius, masculinization, authnticity, literary innovation, nuzhong zhangfu, qing
Quilts and Quivers: Dis/covering Chinese Male Homoeroticism
Author : Mark Stevenson and Cuncun Wu
Keywords : homoeroticism, translationm interpretation, erotophobia, nanfeng, neocolonialism
Junzi Masculinity and Woman in Half of Man Is Wonam
Author : Jincai Fang
Keywords : gender, masculinity, emasculation, junzim politics, sexuality, power, hierarchy.