Journal Articles

Summer Vol.37 No.4
Landscape, Migration, and Identity-Construction: Spiritual Quest via the Zen Path in Jack Kerouac's The Dhaarma Bums and On the Road
Author : I-chun Wang
Keywords : Korouac, migration, The Dhaarma Bums, On the Road, Zen
Stylistic Innovations and the Emergence of the Urban in Taiwan Cinema: Astudy of Bai Jingrui's Early Films
Author : Shiao-ying Shen
Keywords : Bai Jingrui, Taipei, urban comedy, family melodrama, Qiong Yau films, Lonely Seventeen, The Bride amd I, Accidental Trio, Home Sweet Home, Goodbye Darling
Modernism and Confucianism: Otherness as a Sitmulus to Modernity in Chinese and English Literatures
Author : Naikan Tao
Keywords : Modernism, Confucianism, renaissance, historicism, Darwinism, The Literary Revolution, Imagism, The Four Books
The Poetic of X: Thne Xing Controversy in the Chinese Literary Tradition
Author : Ka-fai Yau
Keywords : Xing, The Odes, genre, stumulus, signification, trope, Chinese poetics, Chinese literary history
Remembering the Ancestors and River Goddess as a Healing Process in Toni Morrison's Beloved
Author : Ru-yu Zheng
Keywords : historical trauma, identity, deep memory process, Woolger and Tomlinson, myth, the unrepresntable